🎫How to get Aetheryte Tickets

Do you need Aetheryte Tickets, but don't want to wait for A-Ranks and S-Ranks to show up? Here's how to get a steady flow of Aetheryte Tickets without waiting!

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What are Aetheryte Tickets?

When you have Aetheryte Tickets in your inventory, you may use them instead of paying for gil when you teleport to anywhere.

How do I use Aetheryte Tickets?

When you open your Teleport window, you can see a gear icon in the top right, underneath your gil count. This feature was added in Patch 6.0.

Under "Teleport Settings," you may set an option to always use an Aetheryte Ticket when teleporting. You can also set a Gil Allowance, which is the maximum gil you will pay to teleport to a location until it will use an Aetheryte Ticket instead. If you do set a Gil Allowance, you have to select a setting in order to utilize it:

If you select an option that says the word "Confirm," that means it will ask you if you would like to use an Aetheryte Ticket before you teleport.

How to get Aetheryte Tickets

Currently, Aetheryte Tickets may be redeemed from Allied Seals or Centurio Seals, which are hunt currencies for A Realm Reborn, Heavensward, and Stormblood.

Aetheryte Tickets cost 5 seals each.

Both Allied Seals and Centurio Seals cap at 4,000 each. If you are nearing 4,000 of a type of seal, be sure to uncap so you don't lose out on earning any.

If you would like to learn more about The Hunt in Final Fantasy XIV, including how to unlock it, please visit the website below:

Redeeming with Allied Seals

You may redeem Allied Seals with the Hunt Billmaster at your Grand Company. Aetheryte Tickets may be found under "Allied Seals (Other)." This NPC will be standing near the Hunt Board.

You can locate the Hunt Board on your map by looking for this icon:

Redeeming with Centurio Seals

You may redeem Centurio Seals for Aetheryte Tickets by speaking to Ardolain <Clan Centurio Member> in The Forgotten Knight in Foundation (13.0, 11.8). Aetheryte Tickets can be found under "Exchange Centurio Seals."

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